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Add 3x zoom option

Please could you possible add the option to magnify 3x? Currently the program does 2x, 4x and above, but I need 3 to be able to use it effectively?

by Adam Thwaites on Jun 17 2008 1:36pm Reply

Add 3x zoom option

Cetainly a good idea, we'll see what we can do on the next update.
by Nico Westerdale on Jun 17 2008 2:26pm Reply

Add 3x zoom option

Any idea of when the next release will be?
by Matthew Kilgour on Jul 1 2008 7:18pm Reply

Add 3x zoom option

Not for a while I'm afraid, it's hard to get time to work on the free tools. We'll try our best.
by Nico Westerdale on Jul 1 2008 7:21pm Reply

Add 3x zoom option

It would also be very useful to allow for zoom factors smaller than 2!
by Hj. P. on May 19 2010 7:21pm Reply

Add 3x zoom option

I agree, smaller magnifications also have their use and the option would enhance the magnifier program, I know it prides itself on how large a magnification it can do, so maybe this is our of character for the program? I don't personall tlhink so, Why not be proud on both ends of the magnification scale?
by Eugene User on Jul 18 2013 12:48am Reply

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