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Working with Outlook Mailbox Files

We've had questions on working with Outlook mailbox files.

To work with Outlook PST files the Mailbox SDK needs the EMAPI libraries which are installed together with MS Outlook. So if MS Outlook is installed the Mailbox SDK will be able to access the PST files. In addition if Outlook is installed and then removed, leaving the EMAPI libraries on the machine, Mailbox SDK will also be able to work with the PST files.

If Outllok has not been installed you will see the following error message in the sample applicaitons:
"Open mailbox problem: MS Outlook interface not initialized (OMS_MAPINOTINITIALIZE). "
by Nico Westerdale on Jun 26 2008 8:48am Reply

Working with Outlook Mailbox Files

I have Office 2010 Professional installed.  I use Outlook to read my e-mail.  When I tried to use Email Extractor, I get the error "OpenMailBox result: MS Outlook interface not initialized (OMS_MAPINOTINITIALIZE)".  So, the circumstances you describe above do not fit my problem as I DO have Outlook installed.

What do I need to do to get your software to work?
by Tad Adams on Jul 27 2011 4:33pm Reply

Working with Outlook Mailbox Files

This is because MailBox SDK does not support Outlook 2010 at this moment.
by Constantin Florea on Jul 28 2011 11:34am Reply

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