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Saving Various Settings

ColorPro does not seem to save 90% of the settings like window size, magnifier check boxes and various check boxes for each tab. Is this normal behavior or am I doing something wrong?
by None Given on Jul 14 2014 2:39pm Reply

Saving Various Settings

The Magnifier is available by pressing the top Magnifier button. If you check the Pick check box on the Magnifier window you can select colors from anywhere on the screen. The colors are put in the "Edit Palette" tab in the existing color chips. To select colors and not worry about selecting the next chip, make sure the "Selection Frenzy" check box is checked and the next chip is automatically selected as you select colors. To stop selecting colors, un-check the Pick check box.

To close a tab (other than the ones which are opened by default), click on the Close This Tab button inside the tab.

I am not sure what you mean by windows size but you can resize the ColorPro window.
by Constantin Florea on Jul 14 2014 4:33pm Reply

Saving Various Settings

by Constantin Florea on Jul 14 2014 10:36pm Reply

Saving Various Settings

I am sorry, it seems I miss-read your question. The only settings ColorPro saves are the one in the Settings window. It doesn't save the settings you mention above.
by Constantin Florea on Jul 14 2014 6:18pm Reply

Saving Various Settings

Can you consider added those features? It's an EXCELLENT program, it's just odd (and annoying) that it doesn't settings.
by None Given on Jul 14 2014 10:28pm Reply

Saving Various Settings

You are correct, those settings you mention should be remembered (especially the Selection Frenzy check box). I have just added this to the list of features to be implemented.
by Constantin Florea on Jul 14 2014 10:40pm Reply

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