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Posted in the ColorPic Forum.

Only works when run fort first time

After using ColorPic once, the program stops working. It starts but mouse movement is not reflected as normal. No screen pixles are displayed. Nothing works.
by Steve Lareau on Jun 29 2008 2:28pm Reply

Only works when run fort first time

Sounds odd, what version of Windows are you running?
by Nico Westerdale on Jun 29 2008 2:32pm Reply

Only works when run fort first time


Same problem here.
After install it works great but second time al works but it does not show the colors under the cursor.

OS = Vista business SP 1 english

Would be glad if this where fixed :)

by Carlo on Sep 1 2008 7:17am Reply

Only works when run fort first time

Same problem here.

Everything works perfect after starting the programm. If you minimize the ColorPic window and maximize it, it stops responding.


Any idea?

by Jo on Oct 10 2008 6:41am Reply

Only works when run for first time

My problem, too. I've installed v4.1. It's running under Vista Home Premium. It just isn't working - moving the cursor around produces no effect in the ColorPic window. A pain, as I found it a helpful tool when working under XP.
by David Matthew on Feb 14 2009 7:35am Reply

Only works when run for first time

OK me too. On both of my Win XP SP3 systems. There is another post about issues with ColorPic and MS IntelliMouse 6.3 -- which I'm running on both systems. Could this be it? Any workarounds ICONICO?
by Dave Doherty on Apr 20 2009 6:07pm Reply

Only works when run for first time

We have not seen this in our testing, so unfortunately don't have a solution.
by Nico Westerdale on Apr 20 2009 6:11pm Reply

Only works when run for first time

I have been using Colorpic for over a year with no problem and recently started seeing an issue similar to the original poster. When the application is started it works fine, but if it is minimized and restored, or focus is given to another program, it will not accept any mouse commands. I can close the program and relaunch but the same behavior occurs. I have reverted back to 3.1 which works as expected.

OS: XP Pro, SP 3

by Jeff Cahill on May 20 2009 3:17pm Reply

Only works when run for first time

Same - (4.1) well, works for about 7 seconds then stops responding.
Xp pro sp3, firefox, Online Armor, Avira, IoBit360, SuperAntiSypware

Have to close and restart.

However, on my other computer with same stuff installed as above, it works just fine................. :-(

Unable to find whats messing with it.
by Dale Metcalf on Feb 16 2010 1:48am Reply

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