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Unicode and MSGToEML

I've installed the SDK and tried the EMLToMSG and MSGToEML functions, the two functions fail when the environment of your project is UNICODE. The EMLToMSG returns error code '2' and the MSGToEML returns '5'.
Another issue, if Outlook is not installed, does conversion should succeed?
by mon205 on Jul 17 2008 9:40am Reply

Unicode and MSGToEML

1) The Demo Application is made with Delphi 7 VCL. Delphi 7 VCL dos't support UNICODE.
If the mail message contains Unicode parts it should not be a problem to convert it, it's just that our demo does not do this.

2) Yes, this API need MS Outlook to be installed. MS Outlook EMAPI is needed to parse and create MS Outlook MSG files.
by Nico Westerdale on Jul 17 2008 9:55am Reply

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