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Web safe

Is it always in 'web safe' color mode ?
Or is there a setting somewhere to make it only show 'web safe' colors ?
by Robert Crombie on Jul 29 2008 2:58am Reply

Web safe

You can convert your color to be Web safe by clicking the 'Web Snap' button.
Please see tip 7 here:
by Nico Westerdale on Jul 29 2008 5:08am Reply

Web safe

Thanks for reply.
I am changing the colors in my VB6 program, as the user sometimes uses a Terminal Server (via Remote Desktop).
When he does some of my Forms are hard to read.
The pc that acts as the host only allows 256 colors.
I assumed that if I used web safe colors, that I would be ok.
From my recent attempts, ir appears that 'web safe' and 'Windows 256 color display' are not the same.
Is that your understanding too ?
by Robert Crombie on Jul 29 2008 10:45am Reply

Web safe


Actually the 256 Colors are different from Web-safe colors. If you compare this article on 8-bit colors (which is 256 colors):

with this article on web safe colors:

You'll see that there is a distinct difference. There are only 216 web safe colors and that only 22 of them reliably display with non-dithering on all 256 color displays.

However this said you should certainly start out using the web safe colors and see how they display.
by Nico Westerdale on Jul 29 2008 11:09am Reply

Web safe

by Robert Crombie on Jul 29 2008 11:39am Reply

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