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Font Manager Program

Hey there!

My 3rd time posting here!

I'd like suggest something here.
I'm having problem finding a good font manager program that can do it all, preview fonts live, scan fonts in my system, manage them (group, tag, categorize, whatever), install them, uninstall them, or even load them temporarily.

There are several programs out ther elike
The Font Thing
FontExpert 2005
Extensis Suitcase

but most of these programs aren't cool enough (hard to use, slow, and whatnot). So I'm thinking if Iconico should give it a shot making a cool font manager! Looking at the software iconico has made, I have faith that Iconico can and will come up with something cool if there's a will for it!

Thanks for reading,
by Evan Hindra on Oct 4 2005 10:32pm Reply

Font Manager Program

Thanks for the post Even, we'll certainly keep it in mind for the future.
by Nico Westerdale on Oct 12 2005 3:59pm Reply

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