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ColorPic iconOur Windows Color Picker tool has an inbuilt magnifier and allows you to save full palettes of colors.

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ColorPic and Windows Vista

This is really a very handy program. I used it many times when I had Windows XP Prof. But I now have Windows VISTA., and I can't grab colors. Do you plan on making a version that will work with VISTA?
by Sharon Johnston on Aug 9 2008 11:58am Reply

ColorPic and Windows Vista

You should be able to use the latest with Vista without a problem.
by Nico Westerdale on Aug 9 2008 12:25pm Reply

ColorPic and Windows Vista

Thanks. The newest version works with VISTA.
by Sharon Johnston on Aug 11 2008 2:30pm Reply

ColorPic and Windows Vista

Vista problem with Color Picker:

The center of the Cross Hair Cursor and the tip of the Eyedropper are captured, so I allways get the wrong color. I get the color of the crosshair itself and not of the underlaying image.

If you design a new Cross Hair Cursor without a center pixel, the right color would be picked.

I would expect the Eyedropper and Cross Hair Cursor should not be visible in the magnifying area ... but they are, and that's why they create this problem.

I use Windows Vista.

Best regards,

Bart Kruger
by Bart Kruger on Oct 15 2008 4:22pm Reply

ColorPic and Windows Vista

Are you running any special cursor application with Vista, we use it here and fine that the ColorPic works fine. We also don't change the cursor, so the crosshair must be coming from the application that you are mousing over, could you tell me what that is?
by Nico Westerdale on Oct 15 2008 5:24pm Reply

ColorPic and Windows Vista

I have installed your latest version of ColorPic just now, and I had hoped that the cursor problem would have been solved, but it is not. I still see my cursor in the magnified area, and where the tip of the cursor is, the color is always black, because the tip of the cursor is black. So effectively, I cannot pick any color from the screen, because black is the only color I can pick (the arrowtip color).

I have no special cursor software installed. On XP your software works fine, but not on Vista.

Regards, Bart
by Bart on Nov 28 2008 11:22am Reply

ColorPic and Windows Vista

The corsshair was an option in a previous version of ColorPic. You could choose between a pointer and a crosshair to drag around the screen and pick the color with.
by Bart on Nov 28 2008 11:25am Reply

ColorPic and Windows Vista

I just found out why ColorPic did not work for me. I had the option "Show Mouse Trail" activated in the Control Panel to enhance visibility of my mouse pointer.

The moment I deactivated the mouse trail option, ColorPic started working correctly!!!

I'm glad I found out what the problem was. Maybe ColorPic should temporarily deactivate this mouse trail option itself.

Regards, Bart
by Bart on Nov 28 2008 11:30am Reply

ColorPic and Windows Vista

Did you try a restart of your computer?
(seems a bit excessive to turn off this option for just one reported case)
by Nico Westerdale on Nov 28 2008 4:06pm Reply

ColorPic and Windows Vista

With or without restart of my computer, as soon as I activate the Mouse Trail option in the Control Panel, ColorPic starts to pick the color of the tip of my pointer arrow.

You could of course detect this mouse setting, and show a warning to the user. Or at least mention this problem in your FAQ and in the Help file of ColorPic.

You newest version looks very nice. Thanks for this very handy free tool.
by Bart on Nov 29 2008 4:24am Reply

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