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Customized Colors

Hi, I can't seem to save my custom colors. I've created a custome color and click okay. My line reader is updated, but the custom color is not saved in the 'Custom Colors' box. What am I doing wrong?
by Ann Wittman on Mar 20 2015 3:08pm Reply

Customized Colors

When you press the "Select Color" button, the predefined "Color" dialog will show up to allow choosing a color for the line. The predefined "Color" dialog has the "Custom colors" section which allows you to save and define custom colors. However when the application was implemented, the predefined "Color" dialog was used because of its ability to allow choosing colors (we didn't need to implement a new one from scratch) and at that moment we didn't worry about saving the "Custom colors".

After selecting a custom color, if you press the "Add to Custom Colors" button then the custom color you created will be added to the "Custom colors" collection. We just need to save the colors in the "Custom colors" section.

I have just added the above as a suggestion to be considered in a future version.
by Constantin Florea on Mar 20 2015 4:42pm Reply

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