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The accurate way to measure on a screen, at any angle in pixels, inches or any unit.

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Windows 10

I bought this way back in Windows 7. I want to buy it again, but I see no reference here to Windows 10. My question: will it work in Win 10?
by william beebe on Mar 21 2016 1:08pm Reply

Windows 10

We haven't tested the application on Windows 10 yet but you may download the feature limited installer and test the application.
by Constantin Florea on Mar 22 2016 9:38pm Reply

Windows 10

I have just re-installed version 4 on my computer which is a Windows 10 64 bit and it is running fine. It also worked on my old computer which was a windows 10 upgrade from windows 7.
by Fran Y on May 22 2016 4:49am Reply

Windows 10

How did you get the software to work in Windows 10. I just reloaded Version 4 of the caliper and protractor software and when I launch I get the following error messages:

Calipers: Exception EOIeSysError in Module Calipers.exe at 000697AD. Error accessing the OLE registry.

Protractor: Exception EOIeSysError in Module Protractor.exe at 0006E5E5. Error accessing OLE registry.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
by Jeff Peters on Aug 30 2016 6:09pm Reply

Windows 10

Please notice this thread regarding the issue you mention:
by Constantin Florea on Aug 30 2016 6:51pm Reply

Windows 10

Sadly, though I love Screen Calipers it needs updating for Windows 10. It bounces all over the screen, and when some things are selected it blinks on and off over and over and over.  Too annoying to use, but I can't find an alternative that is anywhere near as good as Screen Calipers.
by Hank Tate on Aug 7 2017 11:58pm Reply

Windows 10

Screen Calipers does work on Windows 10. The behavior you mention may be caused by other graphic intensive applications like Google Earth.

For a solution to the issue caused by Google Earth, please browse here:

There may be other graphic intensive applications besides Google Earth which can cause similar issues.
by Constantin Florea on Aug 8 2017 8:08pm Reply

Windows 10

Version 4 will not install on Windows 10 for me.
I get errors like these at the end of installation
Failure while trying to install file \Iconico\config\angles.ini
Failure while trying to install file \Iconico\config\distances.ini
These happen also when the install executable is executed via 'run as Administrator', so does not seem to be a permissions issue.

The versions for Windows 98 (Screen Measurement Pack v3.2) install and run fine - though I'd like a solution for this so I can run the latest and greatest versions of these.
by Ian Ward on Nov 14 2017 4:16pm Reply

Windows 10

Here is the solution:

First please try this:
1. while installing when it fails do not abort yet
2. goto C:\Program Files\
3. and copy the Screen Calipers 4.0 folder to somewhere in another folder let’s call it folder BACKUPFOLDER_FOR_SC
4. now click the abort and after that, copy back (the Screen Calipers folder which you copied at point 3 into BACKUPFOLDER_FOR_SC) to C:\Program Files\Screen Calipers 4.0
5. and then create yourself a shortcut from Calipers.exe

Then if you encounter the EOleSysError issue, please read this:
by Constantin Florea on Nov 14 2017 11:50pm Reply

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