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Can't remove line

Once starting Line reader I can not get it to turn off.  I do not always want the red line.  How do I turn off the program when I do not want to use it?
by Robert Koff on May 12 2016 10:23am Reply

Can't remove line

To make the line invisible you need to press the Stop button on the left side menu. If that doesn't work, you can press the Settings button at the top then switch the "Keyboard Setup" tab and make sure the "Enable Key Listener Across Applications" check box is checked and then click the "Save" button. Then you can use the CTRL + SHIFT + O to stop the line (make the line invisible. To make the line visible using the keyboard you can use CTRL + SHIFT + Q. So:
- use CTRL + SHIFT + O (letter O) - to make it invisible
- use CTRL + SHIFT + Q - to make it visible

If stopping the line using the "Stop" button doesn't work, could you please let us know at notify@iconico.com what operating system you are running and on how many bits? For example you may be running Windows 7/8/10 on 32 bits or Windows 7/8/10 on 64 bits.
by Constantin Florea on May 12 2016 12:58pm Reply

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