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Turn your mouse into a helper line, to easily guide your eyes while reading long documents.

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Strange LR relation to mouse pointer

I am trying out the trial version. The line reader is a very short line approximately ½ inch long, but it is also way away from the mouse pointer (to the left and lower when the pointer is in the center of the screen). When I move the pointer to the top left of the screen the line reader gets more centered under the pointer and closer vertically but still offset quite a bit.  As I move the pointer to the lower right of the screen the line reader gets further away from the pointer to the right and much lower. Does the windows version make a difference (I am using windows 10)?

by Larry Young on Jun 21 2016 9:08am Reply

Strange LR relation to mouse pointer

To fix the issue you have to: Go to Control Panel -> Appearance and Personalization -> Display and make sure that the “Smaller – 100% (default)” radio button is checked. Then press the “Apply” button. Please see this image to see the setting:

The issue you mention happens, when the setting has any of the other values which are different from "Smaller - 100% (default)".

In the demo version the width/height of the line is indeed short (up to 75 pixels) however the line can have a maximum width of 2048 pixels and a maximum height of 2048 pixels but that is only in the registered/purchased version.
by Constantin Florea on Jun 21 2016 10:55am Reply

Strange LR relation to mouse pointer

Email me when your line reader can function with larger icons and print. I am visually impaired, that is why I am searching for a line reader tool. The smaller icons and print are not acceptable.
by Larry Young on Jun 21 2016 3:47pm Reply

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