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stopped working

HI there, need help badly. I have color puic fdor several years and have a lot in my library of saved colors. I am now stuck. When i try to use it, i cant select anything. It wont scan where the mouse is, it doesnt show anything moving on the mouse as i i werent een scrolling over colors? 
Please help I would really be disapointed if i lost my saved projects? 
by Isela Gonzalez on Jul 13 2016 6:48pm Reply

stopped working

The same thing has happened to me.

Colorpic is seeing things which aren't there and not seeing things which are. It's almost like there's a huge offset between the screen and where it thinks the cursor is.
by Sualdam on Jul 16 2016 1:04am Reply

stopped working

This was a handy tool that I used frequently. It no longer works, now that I'm using Windows 10.

Anybody know of a work around or an alternative program that works in Windows 10?
by Jim Lewis on Jul 28 2016 12:57pm Reply

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