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Screen Protractor iconWork with engineering plans or designs to measure degrees or radians on your screen.

Posted in the Screen Protractor Forum.

Two missing features I'm looking for

a) I'd like to enter an angle in the readout window so a precise angle would be shown.

b) Secondly, for constructing diagrams, one often needs the same angle in several places - perhaps at known rotations with respect to an initial setting (e.g. force diagrams in physics).  It would be nice, once set, to be able to rotate the compass be some degrees (or radians, etc.).  This might be done with a second readout window below the angle readout.  You could enter the rotation angle in the readout (as in (a) above).  And/or perhaps you could rotate the compass by selecting a rotate handle and pulling up or down.  

I use the product (& calipers) a lot and am happy with it.  Hope it continues to be improved.
by Rick Edwards on Jul 20 2016 4:02pm Reply

Two missing features I'm looking for

You can currently type an angle in Screen Protractor and that typed angle will be rendered in the tool.

Thanks for your suggestion at point b) I have added it to the list of features we have for this product.
by Constantin Florea on Jul 20 2016 5:25pm Reply

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