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Posted in the HTML Text Extractor Forum.

HTML Extractor "HELP" button not working

I just purchased the HTML Extractor. I need help understanding how to properly use it.

1 - When I press the HELP button, it only brings up your website sales page. How can I make the HELP button work? How can I find out how to use the HTML Extractor?

2 - ALSO: Is there anyway to be in a web page and activate the HTML Extractor within that page? It looks like I need to copy and paste the web address from the IE address bar into the address bar of HTML Extractor.
by Mike Gaul on Oct 26 2005 6:53pm Reply

HTML Extractor "HELP" button not working

Thanks for the note. The help page currently opens only the html text extractor home page, however we've left it open for future versions to open a seperate page if needed. Currently people seem to be happy with the system we've got.

To open a page from Internet Explorer you do need to cut and paste, however I can see that there is room for a great improvement here and I will definatly consider an easier mechanism for a future version.

Thanks so much.
by Nico Westerdale on Nov 1 2005 8:12pm Reply

HTML Extractor "HELP" button not working

So what you are saying is that the HELP button is non-functional when it comes to receiving help. You are also saying that for me to understand how to make it work, I need to guess.

Is this correct? If so, why do you have a HELP button?

This is a bit discouraging and in my opinon, the graphic of your product is deceptive as it shows the non-functional HELP button.
by Mike Gaul on Nov 1 2005 8:26pm Reply

HTML Extractor "HELP" button not working

I'm sorry that you're discoraged by function of the button which is to return the user to the html extractor homepage.

We continually expand our products and it does appear that the help for the html text extractor is something that certainly could be improved.
by Nico Westerdale on Nov 1 2005 8:32pm Reply

HTML Extractor "HELP" button not working

Mike, You'll be happy to know that we've just added a seperate help page to HTML Text Extractor that should answer some of your questions.
by Nico Westerdale on Feb 28 2006 2:05pm Reply

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