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Screen Protractor Not Projected by Wireless Computer Projector


I am a math teacher who uses a tablet PC and wireless projector setup in my classroom. I would like to include Screen Protractor as one my teaching tools, however, while I can see and use the protractor on my computer screen, it is not being projected by my Epson wireless projector for the class to see.

I've tried adjusting the transparency, but that has not resolved the issue. I primarily use Windows Journal and would like to be able to use Screen Protractor to demonstrate a number of geometry lessons.

Thanks for the help,

by Chris H on Oct 24 2008 10:29pm Reply

Screen Protractor Not Projected by Wireless Computer Projector


The problem is probably in the way that the projector works. Try looking at the settings on the projector and adjusting the video mode, some may have an option to change DirectX or the transparency settings. If not you could try the previous version of the protractor.
by Nico Westerdale on Oct 25 2008 11:55am Reply

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