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Clipstory iconClipboard with History, unlimited copy and paste right at your fingertips. Access text, images and files that you've copied at the touch of a button.

Posted in the Clipstory Forum.

Ignored text

I am having a play with the trial version.

Why, when I Ctrl C a selection of text, does it say "Ignored text element" and does not add to the history?

The idea of Clipstory is great.

You should run a spell checker across all your text. Across spelt accross etc..

It needs a Help button and an About button
by Geoff Champion on Nov 3 2008 6:44pm Reply

Ignored text

I'm glad that you like the application. The reason it's ignored is because it's the trial version. We've (yesterday) uploaded version 1.1 which has some fewer restrictions. See the earlier post for the full list.
by Nico Westerdale on Nov 3 2008 11:57pm Reply

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