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ColorPic 4 compatibility

I'm wondering if ColorPic 4 is compatible with Windows 10 creative release.  I've used the program for several years and LOVE it.  I recently upgraded to Windows 10 Creative. Now when I click on the program nothing happens, and unfortunately ColorPic doesn't have the option to resize the viewing window (at least not that I can find), without being able to see the window.  So I can't even try telling it to maximize the view to find where it's hiding. I say this because I have another program that will open but isn't visible on the screen unless I maximize the window.


by Michelle Taylor on Jan 17 2018 5:12pm Reply

ColorPic 4 compatibility

For me worked to start Colorpic with admin rights.
by Engy on Jan 30 2018 11:11am Reply

ColorPic 4 compatibility


I have the same problem :-/
by Blindheit on Aug 3 2018 8:09am Reply

ColorPic 4 compatibility

My ColorPic 4.1 stopped bein able to exit, after a recent Windows 10 Pro update. It kept coming up with an error message that it was unable to access a palette file. I fixed it by right clicking its desktop icon and choosing Troubleshoot compatibility, and letting it find the best Windows environment to run in. It chose Windows XP (SP3), and it worked fine then; exited without any fuss every time. It's a cool little program.

by Murray Stentiford on Nov 27 2018 12:09am Reply

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