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Problem with angles.ini

ok, i just downloaded the trial version and every time i try to install the program it gets about 94% of the way done then pops up and says it couldent write "angles.ini"

i have changed the program compatibality to win XP (cause im on vista)
and still no result.

i have also tried to change the directory that its being installed to, but that didnt work either.

anyone have any ideas?
by nathan pamp on Nov 7 2008 7:18am Reply

Problem with angles.ini

Try installing the previous version, you should have no issues with that.
by Nico Westerdale on Nov 7 2008 10:16am Reply

Problem with angles.ini

while instaling when it fails do not abort yet

goto C:\Program Files\

and copy the Screen Protractor 4.0 folder to somewhere

now click the abort after that copy back to C:\Program Files\Screen Protractor 4.0

and then create your self a shortcut from Protractor.exe

should all be working
by jason jason on Jan 7 2009 12:16pm Reply

Problem with angles.ini

perfect tip Jason jason Thanks
by stef stef on Apr 17 2012 3:10pm Reply

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