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Posted in the Email Extractor Forum.

how do i use emai lextractor with thunderbird?

i have installed the email extractor, and it did a search, but it never found my thunderbird emails. how do i add them manually? what is the default location for the emails/inbox file that i need?
by futurelink on Nov 9 2008 4:49am Reply

how do i use emai lextractor with thunderbird?

don't worry, i found it. if anyone else was wondering its here:

C:\Documents and Settings\user_name\Application Data\Thunderbird\Profiles\profile_name\Mail\

example, mine was here:
C:\Documents and Settings\futurelinkl\Application Data\Thunderbird\Profiles\cjlji4ke.default\Mail\Local Folders
by futurelink on Nov 9 2008 5:24am Reply

how do i use emai lextractor with thunderbird?

Yes, is right default location in personal settings.

Run Thundebird, choise the root of mailbox folder and right click. In dropdown menu select "Properties..." and see the "Local folder"

Email Extractor:
Run Email Extractor, choise the Mailbox Manager. In main menu select File\Add Mailbox File, select Thunderbird mailbox file why you need to work with.
by Egon Muller on Nov 9 2008 5:33am Reply

how do i use emai lextractor with thunderbird?

When I follow this procedure the Mailbox Manager shows the folder as empty (it isn't).  The path I use is:
C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\Thunderbird\Profiles\qsctkl0k.default\Mail\Local Folders
which is the folder specified in Thunderbird properties for the 'Local Folders' folder.  OS is Vista.

When I try an extract on this ('empty') mailbox it says there are no emails to extract, not surprising.  Are Thunderbird folders accessible when using the demo version?

By the way, I have also tried specifying a sub-folder a few levels down from  Local Folders and it shows that folder as empty too.
by Rob on Feb 17 2010 10:40pm Reply

how do i use emai lextractor with thunderbird?

What the Thunderbird version ?

if 3.x.x - mailbox format is can't be changed, EE supprot Thunderbird version 2.x.x
by Dima on Feb 18 2010 8:55am Reply

how do i use emai lextractor with thunderbird?

Thunderbird version is (20090812)
by Rob on Feb 18 2010 1:48pm Reply

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