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Hot keys, # entries, parts of screen

Hi -

Trial user here.

When I copy an item from a web page I end up with 8 clips, 4 text and 4 html. I can one of each, but how come 4 of each?

I would like the ability to move the demarcating line between the history and the viewer so I can make the history larger.

It would be nice if we had an option to set the mag size - and then keep it set to that.

When I hit CTRL - Shift UP / Down, I see nothing - seems like a screen should come up showing the history, and my going up and down within it?

I checked both programs that I use that I am aware use hotkeys - - and they both use tons of shortcuts -- I turned off most in each and I also specifically checked for the combinations I mentioned above - and they are not taken.

CTRL - shift I, and L work.

I don't believe that there is a way in win xp sp3 to see how hotkeys are assigned and who owns them.

Next time I reboot I'll make sure I start cl;ipstory first, before I start the other two - just as a check.

by Debbie Pomerance on Nov 22 2008 3:54pm Reply

Hot keys, # entries, parts of screen

Thanks so much for your comments, we're actively working on a new release and we'll try and get some of your suggestions into it.

Regarding the "Hitting CTRL+SHIFT +UP/DOWN" key combination:
Here are some possible reasons why the CTRL+SHIFT+UP/DOWN is not working in your case:
- Make sure the CTRL and SHIFT checkboxes are checked in the Settings-Keyboard Setup settings section (perhaps one of them is unchecked?). Also make sure that the text boxes for Up has "Up" in it and the text box for Down has "Down" in it. These text boxes are of course the very first two text boxes at the top.
As an alternative you could try to set the U in the "Up" text box and D in the "Down" text box. This way you would be using CTRL+SHIFT+U for Up and CTRL+SHIFT+D for Down.
- also you have to be aware that the CTRL+SHIFT+UP/DOWN combination SHOWS THE SCREEN only if Clipstory is not the currently active application. This has some logic in it in the sense that you already see the selected item in the History section (when Clipstory is the active application) so you don't need to see the screen showing the Clipstory selection.
- as it is implemented now, if you have ONLY ONE item in the History section then pressing CTRL+SHIFT+UP/DOWN does not show the "History selection changed" screen you expect to see because no selection change in takes place (if there is only one item then there can't be any change in selection). On the other hand CTRL+SHIFT+I and L works because that does
not depend on an item beeing selected in the History section.
- another possible reason is that there could be another application installed on your system (something like a Key Listener) which could prevent keys combinations like CTRL+SHIFT+UP/DOWN to be transfered to all the other applications. In this case Clipstory or any other application would not receive this key combination.
by Nico Westerdale on Nov 22 2008 7:23pm Reply

Hot keys, # entries, parts of screen

Thank you so much for the swift answer.

I got Ctrl -shift - u and p working vs., up and down (although I will try to get up and down working, they are far superior IMHO).

I am unsure where to look on the screen for the 'description' after I add it to a clip - and what is a 'key' one can add to a clip?

I see that one can search on the description - fabulous!
How about the ability to append or not append the description to the clip. This would solve a nuisance with clips, when one wants to document a clip - have to start notepad, create text, copy it, find the 2 clips, append them to each other, etc.

Another good feature to add, when one places the mouse on the clipstory icon - see the current clip on the clipboard.

Another good feature would be to have the balloon tips - either last much longer, or have it user configurable.

Sometimes I can get a balloon to show the full background html text of the html fragment, but sometimes I cannot - and I cannot remember how to do it.
Plus - the balloon that shows up is tethered to the very far left t of the screen.

I am looking for a good clip program, which yours is - to replace the one I am using - which, unfortunately seems to take up too much cpu. I hope by suggesting these changes, I am not then adding to the cpu intensiveness of the program !

by Deborah Pomerance on Nov 23 2008 1:45pm Reply

Hot keys, # entries, parts of screen

The 'description' can be found at the very bottom of the application right bellow the viewers. Please notice that there is an arrow at the bottom of the application screen which points up or down: depending on whether the clip information section is visible or not. Just press the arrow to make the clip information section visible or to hide it (visible - hidden).
The 'key' is also there right bellow the 'description'.

The 'description' and 'key' properties of a clip are provided for tagging the clipboard elements and for searching purposes. The 'description' field is meant as a more detailed description and the 'key' field of a clip is meant as a shorter description (one or two words) but you can put as many words as you like in either of them.

Thank you for your improvement ideas. We will definitely consider all of them for the next version of the application:
- the ability to append or not append the description/key to the clip
- appending two or more text/html clips together
- placing the mouse on the clipstory icon - will see the current clip on the clipboard.
- add a special "viewer" to view the content of a clip when hovering over it in the Clipboard state (this last one is related to the balloon issue you mention).
by Nico Westerdale on Nov 23 2008 2:30pm Reply

Hot keys, # entries, parts of screen

Nico -

Thank you again for the complete answer.

Again - hope I'm not adding to much cpu overhead ;-)

Clip programs - One of the difficulties with clip programs, is that each one seems to work in some applications and some do not.

Applications - Conversely - some applications allow copying and some do not.

Therefore, many times - as we execute a Ctrl-C to copy a clip - we don't know if it really worked. Did the clip program store the clip or not?

If clipstory played a sound when it stored a clip - we would know that the copy command worked. Otherwise - we need to stop our work - and look at clipstory each time we do a ctrl-c - to check the clipboard outcome.

by Deborah Pomerance on Nov 24 2008 12:11pm Reply

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