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Screen Protractor iconWork with engineering plans or designs to measure degrees or radians on your screen.

Posted in the Screen Protractor Forum.

Protractor jumps around the screen

Recently I am unable to stabilize and measure an angle. The protractor bounces around the screen. When in one place as soon as I lengthen the handles or touch the protractor it jumps around the screen.  

I never had this problem before please advise.
by Daniel Hersh on Jul 25 2018 9:46pm Reply

Protractor jumps around the screen

I am experiencing the same problem.  Did you ever get answer to your post or a patch/fix?
by Robert Moledor on Sep 25 2019 4:16pm Reply

Protractor jumps around the screen

Yes, I sent them a screen shot of the problem and they wrote back that the created a 'fix' for it and thereafter it worked. Try that
by Daniel on Sep 25 2019 4:26pm Reply

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