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Calipers invisible on the third display

I'm having a recurring problem with Screen Calipers 4.0 that is one of my most frequently used utilities. I have a triple display system with total resolution of 4800x1200 pixels (3 x 1600x1200) in one combined desktop. Whenever a few larger programs are running - usually Outlook and Photoshop running concurrently will suffice - the calipers is not visible when it's moved to the rightmost display (it becomes invisible when dragged onto the third display and reappears when moved back to the middle display). Or, if I last had the calipers open on the third display when fewer programs were running, and then later open calipers when more programs are loaded, it's nowhere to be found (and of course it can't be dragged out of the third display since it's invisible). No other program I use behaves this way, so I assume this must be something specific to Screen Calipers and how it addresses memory.

I'm using a quad-core system with 4GB of memory, two NVIDIA 8800GT cards (one card handles two displays, the other card handles one; both cards have 512Mb of DDR3 memory), running Windows XP Pro SP3.

Is this something that could perhaps be addressed in a future release?


Ville Walveranta
by Ville Walveranta on Dec 16 2008 1:02am Reply

Calipers invisible on the third display

The problem might be that if you change the way the monitors are set up you might need to restart your computer for the Calipers to render properly on all monitors. Could you try that?
by Nico Westerdale on Dec 16 2008 11:22am Reply

Calipers invisible on the third display

It doesn't seem that would be the cause for the problem since I generally don't change the monitor configuration or resolution (the workstation is used for web development work so there is rarely need to change the display settings.)

This seems to be related to memory use; loading several large programs into memory almost invariably results in the Calipers being invisible on the rightmost screen.

The "center on screen" option does return the calipers to the middle of the middle screen (middle of the combined desktop), and hence makes it visible again. My workaround at the moment is to drag whatever I want to measure to screen 1 or 2 when Calipers is not working on screen 3.

by Ville Walveranta on Dec 18 2008 12:53am Reply

Calipers invisible on the third display


I'm really sorry but we can't seem to reproduce the error, which makes me think that it might be something to do with the way memory resources are allocated to the graphics card. I'm honestly stumped here, so sorry.
by Nico Westerdale on Dec 18 2008 2:37pm Reply

Calipers invisible on the third display

No problem. It is very possible that it's some kind of system-specific issue. I can't reproduce it on other computers either, but then I don't have access to other triple-display systems. If I stumble upon further details about this issue later, I'll post it here.

Thanks for looking into it!
by Ville Walveranta on Dec 18 2008 11:05pm Reply

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