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Version 1.2 Released

We're happy to announce the new version of Clipstory, with the following new features:

1. Clipboard History section can now be sized at will

2. Added sound functionality for when a new clip element goes into Clipstory. The user can define his/her own individual sound to be played for each individual clip type. However the Clipstory 1.2 installation contains one default sound file which is played for all clip types.

3. Added right click options in Clipboard History section to:
- Join clipboard Text elements
- add the description of a Text clip to the Clip text content
- add the key of a Text clip to the Clip text content
- select a color for selected Clip elements in Clipstory section

4. Added new tab called Application Settings with:
- option to start Clipstory on Startup minimized. This option was also available by right clicking on the Clipstory tray icon.
- option to specify what to show in a window in the lower right corner of the screen when the mouse hovers over the Clipstory tray icon: you can see either the Clipboard State or the Clipboard History selection.

5. Added magnification functionality for the following clip viewers: TEXT/HTML, FILE, BINARY:
- when the application quits the magnification values are remembered
- when switching between same clip types the magnification values are remembered.

6. Added option for accessing the Help System which comes in with the Clipstory installation.
by Nico Westerdale on Dec 17 2008 5:45pm Reply

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