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FAQ: How do my users enter Korean, Chinese, and Japanese text?

I'm working on software that will help students learn English as a foreign language. I need treeviews and textboxes that can input/manipulate foreign characters, including Korean and possilbly Chinese. I understand that unicode is font independent. How would the user input foreign text? Are there keyboards for each language? If so, are these keyboards included with your control package.

In order to enter Korean, Chinese, Japanese, etc. you need to use a Windows "Input Method Editor" (IME) or some other "virtual keyboard. You can add this and the appropriate language services through the 'Regional Options' applet in the Control Panel (called 'Regional and Language Options on Windows XP). These keyboards and other language services are not part of the UniToolbox package. You should find most of the resources you need are available as part of Windows.

Unicode character data can be saved in a variety of ways. You may find the SQL Server example demo application useful.

by Nico Westerdale on Jan 2 2009 2:01pm Reply

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