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ColorPic not picking right colors on HDMI

Just recently ColorPic 4 and 5 stopped working with my monitors when I use an HDMI cable. If I switch to VGA it works fine.

I tried telling ColorPic 5 YES to 4k monitor but it does not make any difference, it still continues to pick colors that are not where my mouse cursor is pointing.

I restarted my computer and answered 4k NO. But still no luck.

I love this little app and would gladly buy it for myself and my customers, but so sad that it no longer works.

Hope you can fix it ColorPic!
by Susie Michels on Dec 3 2018 6:31pm Reply

ColorPic not picking right colors on HDMI

Version 5.1 of ColorPic, which has just been released, has two new settings that can be edited if you find that your mousepointer is offset incorrectly from the screen.

Open the ColorPic.ini file in any text editor, it's located in the same directory that you have installed the ColorPic.


The XOffset and YOffset values in that file can be changed to any positive or negative number, which will change where color picked under the mousepointer is located.
by Nico Westerdale on Jan 2 2019 11:37pm Reply

ColorPic not picking right colors on HDMI

Same problem. What settings should the XOffset and YOffset values be?

Been using ColorPic for many years, just bought paid version, disappointed that it doesn't work right. Please help.
by Cindy Farmer on Jan 10 2019 3:35pm Reply

ColorPic not picking right colors on HDMI

The XOffset and YOffset values will usually be zero.

If you are seeing the color under the mousepointer being displaced by a few pixels then you can adjust the XOffset and YOffset values so that it lines up correctly.

For example, if you're seeing that the point being picked is to the right by ten pixels then you would enter:
XOffset = 10

What this value is would depend entirely on your setup.

Be sure to close the ColorPic before adjusting the values, and then open the ColorPic to see if it's correct.
by Nico Westerdale on Jan 10 2019 4:19pm Reply

ColorPic not picking right colors on HDMI

Running Windows 10 17134 and a 1080p monitor. It doesn't matter what I set X and Y to; it's still way off, and losing a big chunk of the screen. The closest I've been able to get is X -80 Y -120, and it's still a good half-inch below and quarter-inch to the right of the cursor, AND it moves the ColorPic window partially off the top left of the screen. Very frustrating. I wish I would've tested it more thoroughly before licensing two copies through Bitsdujour.com. :( There's no excuse for releasing a piece of software specifically for working with images that has this kind of major bug.
by Linda Bloom on Jan 24 2019 10:16am Reply

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