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FAQ: License error after test installing my application

Why do I receive a UniToolbox license error after testing my application's installer?

The most likely cause of this problem is that the license file (UniToolbox.lic or UniToolbox2.lic) is no longer in the same folder as the registered copy of the ActiveX binary (UniBox210.ocx or UniBox10.ocx).

So how would such a situation come to pass?

Well, it is not usually because the license file has been moved. It is usually because another copy of the ActiveX binary has been registered elsewhere on the developer's system. This occurs most often when developers test their application's installer (containing a copy of a UniToolbox binary) on their development system and not on a separate test platform.

This problem is not unique to UniToolbox.

The solution is to re-register the correct UniToolbox binary (that alongside the license file) after performing any activity that causes a copy UniToolbox binary to be registered, and before resuming development with UniToolbox. We provide a convenient batch file designed for this purpose, see the registration demo app:


Users of this batch file must modify it according to their specific requirements, adjusting paths to binaries and removing unrequired statements.

NB. The other solution to the problem - distribute a copy of the license file with the application - is not allowed under the terms of the UniToolbox license agreement.
by Nico Westerdale on Jan 2 2009 2:42pm Reply

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