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Spider-extractor is a big scam

I just bought SPIDER EXTRACTOR online
And I received a key that does not work...so basically i just paid 40 USD for nothing ;-(
I've been trying to contact spider support, as well as SWREG which sells the sw online.
No phone, no contact...I've sent a dozen emails in the past 2 days. No answers at all (although they praise a 24h-reply policy)

My advice here is DON'T ORDER this SW

And if you ordered this SW and made it work, or could get some support from this silent / empty box company??? Feel free to let me know... I am still hoping one day I could receive a working keycode ;-)
by Erich Felbabel on Feb 25 2009 9:04am Reply

Spider-extractor is a big scam

We don't make Spider Extractor, Email Extractor is a completely different product, so why are you posting here?
by Nico Westerdale on Feb 25 2009 11:19am Reply

Spider-extractor is a big scam

I am having the same problem with my spider-extractor key code. did you ever find a working keycode? The company will not respond to any of my emails. I have wasted $40 unless I can get it to work.


Andrew M.
by Andrew McLaws on Mar 16 2009 11:10am Reply

Spider-extractor is a big scam

Again, we don't make Spider Extractor so I cannot possibly answer.
by Nico Westerdale on Mar 16 2009 1:32pm Reply

Spider-extractor is a big scam

dude i just bought the spider-extractor and also the cd key is not working i tried to contact them but no respond ! dude would you please let me know if you got any help ??
by Tony Allen on Dec 28 2009 3:07am Reply

Spider-extractor is a big scam

Just to be PERFECTLY CLEAR, we don't produce Spider Extractor, we have no knowledge of it, no affiliation with Spider Extractor and can pass no comment on whether it is a scam or not.

We produce a completely different piece of software called Email Extractor. It has nothing to do with Spider Extractor whatsoever.

Is everyone clear?
by Nico Westerdale on Dec 28 2009 9:29am Reply

Spider-extractor is a big scam

o if you know that you have nothing with spider tell us your support contact
by paul donex on Dec 29 2014 12:36am Reply

paul donex

 you guys should send the site domain or purchase link for investigation give me the site name 
by austin austin on Jun 30 2016 10:13am Reply

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