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FAQ: Tag-along form

For the unlicensed version: the Tag along form text box is indeed small and the user can type a few letters (2 or 3) just to give the user a hint of what can be obtained if they would buy the Line Reader application.
In the licensed version: the text box can grow up to 250/250 width/height allowing the user to type in big chunks of text. Any bigger than 250/250 would make the text window simply to big and it would cover a big portion of the screen (that's why the 250/250 limitation).

There are two ways of accessing the text box (same works with the Reminder):
- either from the main program
- or from using the ALT+TAB key combinations built in the Windows OS and
selecting the "TEXT TAG ALONG" window. This will give focus to the text tag along
window allowing the user to Copy/Paste/Modify the content of this window.
Of course, the same ways of accessing works for the Reminder:
- either from the program
- or from using the ALT+TAB key combinations built in in the Windows OS.
- here (in the Reminder tag along window), once you got access, you have to
press the TAB key (without the ALT of course) to go across and modify the fields of
the reminder tag along.
by Nico Westerdale on Mar 29 2009 10:13am Reply

FAQ: Tag-along form

In addition the tag along form text does save, all you have to do is quit the program. Even if you hide the text box tag along (for using the reminder tag along) and then make the text tag along reappear again the content of the text tag along will be there.

There is no need for a save function in the program itself because the save occurs when you quit the program.
by Nico Westerdale on Mar 29 2009 10:14am Reply

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