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making UniGrid control editable

Still me,

As stated in help file, UniGrid control is basically read-only. You cannot have user edit cell data.

I need users to edit the data, so I look for ways to emulate editability. With MSHFlexGrid, I use the following simple technics: there is a textbox on the form, that is used to accept user input and pass it to MSHFlexGrid. When user clicks a cell, the textbox is moved over to this cell and made active. Pressing Enter passes data to MSHFlexGrid and hides the textbox.

My question: is it possible to do the same with UniGrid? Speaking about MSHFlexGrid, it has very useful properties like CellHeight, CellLeft, CellTop, CellWidth, that will give information about XY position of current cell. I found nothing similar in UniGrid. Does it mean I cannot use UniGrid for emulating user input?

Thanks and regards,
by Wapper on Apr 5 2009 2:48pm Reply

making UniGrid control editable

Try using the UniFlexGrid control:

by Nico Westerdale on Apr 5 2009 5:02pm Reply

making UniGrid control editable

Thanks, but that's another hudred bucks. Fortunately MSHFlexGrid can also display Unicode, so I'll stick to the old buddy.
by Wapper on Apr 6 2009 4:59pm Reply

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