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Screen Capture

I use screen capture software to 'capture' a screen image as a .jpg file. The protractor, if on the screen, is not captured with the rest of the image. Can you explain this? My particular 'capture' application is the reason I bought the protractor, but it appears that I cannot use it as I wished. Am I missing something with its setup?
by David Santwyk-Anderson on May 14 2009 7:23am Reply

Screen Capture

It's to do with who your capture software works. It has to be set to capture 'windowless' windows or 'transparent' windows. There should be a setting for that.

You can also use the stardard windows Ctrl+PrtSc function.
by Nico Westerdale on May 14 2009 11:55am Reply

Screen Capture

Well that helped a little, but those options are not available on my capture software, However, I think I have found the problem.

My 'capture' software is 'Quick Screen Capture' which is apparently the lesser featured version of a pseudo professional user software called 'Quick Screen Shot Maker'. This latter version features, amongst other improvements, an 'Include Cursor in Image' check box.

Would I be correct in suggesting that that the 'screen protractor' is some kind of TSR program that behaves, albeit interactively, in the same way as a cursor? If so this would be the feature I need. I appreciate your response so that I can decide whether to upgrade to the 'improved' version of the screen capture software.

david S-a
by David Santwyk-Anderson on May 14 2009 7:40pm Reply

Screen Capture

No it doesn't really. It's a transparent window. Sorry that your screen capture software does not work, we really can't advise about an upgrade because we don't know about that software or make it, I suggest you contact them.

Here's info on how to use the Windows Print Screen function:
by Nico Westerdale on May 14 2009 7:45pm Reply

Screen Capture

Whew....lightning quick response!

Now that was informative and helpful!

I'm sorry, I hadn't recognised the relevance of your earlier comment on 'transparent windows'. Now I understand.......the protractor is in/on a transparent window!

The 'improved' software I mentioned appears to accommodate transparent windows whereas the earlier vsrsion doesn't! So that settles it!

Forget I mentioned TSR's etc, I'm trying to be too clever by half!

Many thanks for your assistance.
David S-A
Melbourne, Australia.

The link to Prt Scr is also useful, I could never understand that keyboard feature!
by David Santwyk-Anderson on May 14 2009 8:03pm Reply

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