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ColorPic off-screen


Longtime user of ColorPic. It has always worked well until I recently started using it with two screens. I run into the offset issue and have seen the 4K prompt on startup. However, I am not running 4K and offset is not my issue.

My issue is that I can't get the ColorPic window to display without uninstalling and then reinstalling. It runs but I believe that it is open off-screen somewhere.

My configuration:
Primary display (#1): 1920x1200 at 100% resolution (23" stand-along monitor)
Secondary display (#2):  1920x1080 at 125% resolution (15" laptop screen)
The displays are side by side with #1 on the left and #2 on the right. My Taskbar is only displayed on #1 and is on the right edge of the display. I essentially cross over the taskbar as I move from display to display.

Any tips to force ColorPic back into the display area of one of the displays? I've fought with this for a while. I've been using ColorPic for 10+ years and don't want to have to move to something else but it is getting to be a hassle at this point.

by Matt Smith on Oct 29 2020 3:16pm Reply

ColorPic off-screen

Thanks for reporting this. I have added this to our list of issues we have for this product. At the moment, I cannot tell you when this issue will be addressed.
by Constantin Florea on Oct 29 2020 10:49pm Reply

ColorPic off-screen


I have the same issue.

Been using this for years, now that I have to pay, I paid without question... but is not working on 4K monitors. A bit disappointed.

I hope this gets fixed soon.
by Mark Redman on Feb 10 2022 10:19am Reply

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