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ListView and Tooltip in UniToolBox

We have a problem with the listview-control. We want to use the tooltiptext-property for the first subitem of the listview. By debugging, we see that the property is properly filled, but the tooltiptext does not appear.

This is what we have:
lstTextModule.SelectedItem = l_SysTextModule.Content
Set l_ListItem = lstTextModule.SelectedItem
l_ListItem.ToolTipText = l_SysTextModule.Content
lstTextModule.SelectedItem.ListSubItems(1) = l_SysTextModule.Remark
lstTextModule.SelectedItem.ListSubItems(1).ToolTipText = l_SysTextModule.Remark

content and remark are strings
l_ListItem is an object
lstTextModule is the unicode ListView

Is there any updated / bugfixed version of the control, or do you have any other hint to help us along?

Thanks in advance for your answer.
by Michael Obser on Jul 15 2009 4:40am Reply

ListView and Tooltip in UniToolBox

Unfortunatly we don't support that property, however the UniListView control itself does have a tooltiptext property.
by Nico Westerdale on Jul 26 2009 11:55pm Reply

ListView and Tooltip in UniToolBox

What does this mean? If I understand you right you tell me that you sell controls, but in case of errors there is no warranty because you simply don't support parts of the control?
In your advertising you promise to cover the complete functionality of the microsoft-controls. Even the documentation does not tell anything about an unsupported property!
I would like to have a complete (!) version of the control very soon! Please give me a binding date when I can receive a complete and correct version of the control.
by Michael Obser on Jul 27 2009 4:20am Reply

ListView and Tooltip in UniToolBox


I can sense your frustration, and we do apologize that there is an error with the control. Of course promising exactly 100% similar functionality with the Microsoft controls is our goal, but due to the fact that the controls are built from the ground up to support UniCode there will be some differences, and yes bugs.

I offered the above solution as a reasonable workaround to your problem, and of course we can provide a full refund if this is not acceptable.

best regards.
by Nico Westerdale on Jul 27 2009 9:44am Reply

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