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Line Reader iconTurn your mouse into a helper line, to easily guide your eyes while reading long documents.

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Side lines /mouse / read text

I noticed that when the sidelines are enlarged to the max ,the upper and lower side lines will follow the movement of your mouse. Anything related to commands on the taskbar is not accessible anymore because of the enlarged lower line that prevents your mouse to function. Very convoluted.   

Also the read text is not easy to use. Very complicated. 

by Josh B on Jan 20 2021 3:06pm Reply

Side lines /mouse / read text

Please check the "Click-Through" check boxes (click on them so they become checked) associated to each of the side lines.

That way, even if the side lines are very big, the mouse clicks can go "through" the side lines so you can use the task bar.

Each side line has a "Click-Through" check box.

You are correct about the "Read Text" functionality but if you set it up right, you can actually read a portion of text on the screen using the fixed pace/rhythm you set.
by Constantin Florea on Jan 20 2021 3:21pm Reply

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