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Backup Emails and Extract Email Addresses from Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird and Eudora.

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registration of Email extractor

I have the application and I have the password/serial number. How do I get one inside the other? I don't see anyplace to enter a serial number or a place to unlock the software. How do I register? I also have Data Extractor as well as HTML text extractor and registered them perfectly. I just need to know how to unlock the Email extractor?
by Alfred Asper on Sep 7 2009 5:19pm Reply

registration of Email extractor

In the main window, find red lable "Registry your..." (top-right of the window) and click here.
by Dima on Sep 7 2009 7:09pm Reply

registration of Email extractor

by Constantin Florea on Dec 3 2013 9:52pm Reply

registration of Email extractor

Pls how can I register email extractor?
by jack smith on Dec 3 2013 5:22pm Reply

registration of Email extractor

After purchasing a serial number from here:
start the application and in the first pop-up window which opens, click Continue, and then in the next window click "Register your Email Extractor 2 right now" link at the top right.
by Constantin Florea on Dec 3 2013 9:52pm Reply

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