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Colorpic disappears off screen


When I launch Colorpic I can see it in the task bar but the application does not appear on screen. When I click on the item in the task bar I can see it opening but it "zooms" off screen.
I've recently switched to a dual monitor set up...could this be related?

by Ray Lawrence on Mar 14 2006 4:31am Reply

Colorpic disappears off screen

This is most probably related to a dual monitor setup. I'd try a reinstal and that should fix your problems.
by Nico Westerdale on Mar 14 2006 8:18am Reply

Colorpic disappears off screen

Re-install sorted it out.


by ray Lawrence on Mar 14 2006 8:29am Reply

Colorpic disappears off screen

Does not fix it for me. I uninstalled, reinstalled, and it works the first time I open the program. After that, it disappears off the screen permanently. 

I had the program running with 2 monitors, but I've only got 1 monitor the last few times I tried reinstalling it. It's a shame, because it's a great program, I just can't be bothered to reinstall it every time I want to use it.
by Matija Erceg on Oct 16 2012 5:18am Reply

Colorpic disappears off screen

Ah, just realized that if I run it as administrator (or from a non Program Files folder; Win7 x64), it works again..
by Matija Erceg on Oct 16 2012 5:22am Reply

Colorpic disappears off screen

Running as administrator worked for me. Great program.
by Jan Van Belle on Dec 31 2012 10:58am Reply

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