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Export XML with HEX values

I want to export an XML palette of hex values from ColorPro, like what ColorPic uses. If I export from the swatches, I only get the hex. If I export from the palette, I get RGB values encoded into XML.

Any suggestions?

by Maureen Stone on Sep 21 2009 4:05pm Reply

Export XML with HEX values

ColorPic and ColorPro use different file formats, you would have to manually edit them to match if you wanted interoperability.
by Nico Westerdale on Sep 21 2009 4:07pm Reply

Export XML with HEX values

OK. Is there a way to export the HEX values instead of RGB in the XML?

by Maureen Stone on Sep 21 2009 4:16pm Reply

Export XML with HEX values

No, however you should be able to view the hex values from within the applicaiton
by Nico Westerdale on Sep 21 2009 5:07pm Reply

Export XML with HEX values

More info...

1. You can export an entire palette to a file in HEX format by right clicking the color chip container area (the place where you can move the color chips arround) in the - Edit Palette tab - and then selecting the last context menu option "Export Palette To File As" and then selecting the HEX menu option. This will give all the colors of the palette into a file of the following format:
HEX ...
Don't forget to open the palette first (making it the active palette inside Edit Palette tab - by double clicking the palette in the "Palettes" tab)

2. In the next version ColorPro we will support importing ColorPic palettes.

3. Actually there is a way of making all this importing a little easier using the current version of ColorPro
You would have to open a new tab using the "Go New Tab As" Web Page, or Image or File button. The main idea is to have one (only one is enough) of these three tabs opened because they give you the possibility to create a new palette and also pick colors for that palette using the "Pick Color" button.
A. Make a snapshot of all palettes in ColorPic and open that snapshot with MSPaint or any other image viewer program.
Please notice that trying to "Pick Color" directly from the ColorPic application won't work.
B. Inside the open tab press New Palette and set the number of color chips to the number of color chips you would like your new palette to contain (let's say 16 - that's how much ColorPic currently has)
C. A new palette will be created having 16 color chips
D. Start picking colors from the snapshot using the "Pick Color" button (in the new tab you just opened)
E. When you're done filling up a palette, you will have to press the "To Palettes" button (at the top right of the palette) and that will save the palette in the "Palettes" section of ColorPro.
This is a very cumbersome way of importing the palettes but this will be fixed in the next version of ColorPro by supporting the ColorPic format as well.
by Nico Westerdale on Sep 21 2009 5:07pm Reply

Export XML with HEX values

I appreciate the suggestions. What I ended up doing was using python to create a PDF file from the XML that I could read into Illustrator so I could arrange the chips.

Used ColorPic to convert them back to XML, then TextPad to create the XML I really needed.

What I'm doing is creating palettes to be used in an applications UI, so the ordering is part of the design, and XML is the way I get them into the application.

Sounds like the next version of ColorPro will be closer to what I need.

by Maureen Stone on Sep 21 2009 11:28pm Reply

Export XML with HEX values

Please notice that ColorPro (starting with version 2.0) can import and export ColorPic palettes.
Other import/export supported formats are:
- ACO (both import/export)
- ColorPic (both import/export)
- JASC-PAL (both import/export)
- HTML (export only)
- CSS (export only)
- Image (export only)
by Constantin Florea on Jun 28 2010 5:03pm Reply

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