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Fonts ...

I have a problem with fonts that can be seen in the demo apps as well.

1) In the Unitoolbox2 demonstration use the "Insert Text" tab to insert Hebrew, Greek, Turkish, Russian. Take a look at the tabstrip demo (4th) tab. Then use the "Other Actions" tab and set the font to MS Sans Serif. You will see the Russian is shown as black squares.

2) In the Unitoolbox demo do pretty much the same steps and you will see that the Unitext shows the russian text perfectly with the same font.

Can you explain this to me and maybe suggest a workaround other than "choose a different font".

I am using the 080402 release of the controls.

by John K on Sep 30 2009 10:48am Reply

Fonts ...

You're going to hate me, but the answer is to choose a different font! Unfortunately some fonts do not display all characters correctly and there is no workaround that I can suggest.
by Nico Westerdale on Sep 30 2009 11:14am Reply

Fonts ...

Hi Nico,

I'm not sure you've picked up the point I'm making.

The same text, in the same font, works in some unitoolbox controls but not in others. This inconsistency is a problem in the controls and not in the choice of font.

by John K on Sep 30 2009 11:31am Reply

Fonts ...

Oh sorry I did miss that, I'll investigate
by Nico Westerdale on Sep 30 2009 11:33am Reply

Fonts ...

You're correct, this does appear to be an inconsistency in the controls. At this point be don't have a direct fix other than to use a different font.
by Nico Westerdale on Oct 5 2009 12:52pm Reply

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