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Our Windows Color Picker tool has an inbuilt magnifier and allows you to save full palettes of colors.

Posted in the ColorPic Forum.

a must-have feature... please

hi there,
i've just found your ColorPic application and it is the greatest...
me a gui designer and it has lots and lots of features i was looking for a long time, too bad i havent found it earlier.

i think an excellent feature would be a measure tool inside the Magnify section. so users could measure stuff they just magnified.

some more ideas:
- auto copy of selected color.
- user defined keyboard shortcuts.
- a shortcut for the magnification factor and the point size
- an 'operating-system-global' shortcut for start/stop grabbing, meaning that it still works even if ColorPic loses focus.

by Ofir on Apr 5 2006 5:31am Reply

a must-have feature... please

Great ideas, we'll bear them in mind for the next update.
by Nico Westerdale on Apr 6 2006 10:34am Reply

a must-have feature... please

another one:
a button to take a 'screenshot' of the magnified section.
and an option to 'auto screenshot' - take a screenshot of the magnified section when user stops grabbing.
by Ofir on Apr 26 2006 12:11am Reply

a must-have feature... please

We actually have a seperate 'Magnifier' application which you can download from this website. The magnifier does have a screen capture utility built in. I belive that this is better suited to the Magnifer than the ColorPic as I do not wish to crowd the ColorPic with more features. I hope this helps.
by Nico Westerdale on Apr 26 2006 7:48am Reply

a must-have feature... please

May I add another star to this wishlist?

This great utility has a number of boxes that could become holders of triads of colors that could combine with the pointed color in question...

I explain: for any good and standard color composition it is said (Color Harmony) that you only need tree colors. These colors can complement for each other in a special shade. Strong, medium or low level of combination. It could even contrast. All depending on the emotion that you want to express: nature, heat, freshness, cool, etc.

This tool could become the only application that could even suggest such colors in a wide pallette by only selecting a radio box with that option.

Best wishes!
by alberto schiano on Jul 25 2007 1:18am Reply

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