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Data Extractor 2.2 don't accept a text file with multiple URLs

Dear Iconico,

Your software is great, but it lacks a feature which is critical for me. You allow for the manual entry of multiple URLs that Iconico Data Extractor then searches for the data that one needs to extract. However the current version (2.2) doesn't allow me to enter a text file with multiple URLs (one per line) to be searched.

I manage a Google group, and I want to extract the e-mail addresses of my members for safe keeping purposes, and also so that I can send out newsletters with another e-mail software. Each Google Group page has 20 email addresses, but since I have close to 1000 members, that means that for me to be able to extract all email addresses I would need to manually enter 50 URLs into Data Extractor, which would extract 20 email addresses per URL until I completed the extraction of the 1000 addresses. That is very time confusing and painful given the fact that I need to repease the process about once every week or two.

So my request to Iconico is for you to expand the functionality of the software so that users can use a text file that contains multiple URLs (one per line) to specify multiple URLs that Iconico should extract data from. That way an administrator like myself could simply create 1 text file with all the URLs to be scanned, and save that file for future use.

If you don't understand what I am trying to explain you, please let me know. I would be happy to elaborate.


by Paul on Apr 15 2006 3:03pm Reply

Data Extractor 2.2 don't accept a text file with multiple URLs


A great request, and one which several people have now asked for. You'll be happy to know that this feature will be in the next version of Data Extractor and we're planning on releasing that by the end of April. We may be able to squeeze out a quick release to get this feature for you, but I'll reply to you off list about this.
by Nico Westerdale on Apr 17 2006 9:12am Reply

Data Extractor 2.2 don't accept a text file with multiple URLs


You'll be happy to know the new version of Data Extractor is now up on the site. We've incorporated the Load and Save list functionality that you've illustrated above. Also of interest is that as you surf using the continuous extraction option the list of files is added to, so you can replay your browing later.
by Nico Westerdale on May 5 2006 12:34pm Reply

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