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Stop button not working, I cannot turn off the line

Hi, I am having an issue turning off the line, the stop button had not worked and I even tried deleting the program but to no avail the line is still here. I need help removing the line off of my computer.

by presley barker on Oct 20 2021 4:57pm Reply

Stop button not working, I cannot turn off the line

It may be possible you have at least two instances of the application started, to check this please look into the Windows tray. If there are at least two instances then you may have started the line in one of the instances and now you are trying to stop the line in the other instance, that won't work. When a line is started in one instance, you need to stop it with the Stop button of that instance.
by Constantin Florea on Oct 20 2021 7:18pm Reply

Stop button not working, I cannot turn off the line

there is no application open, for me to stop. Ive looked everywhere and cannot find anything showing that the application is active or even open

by Presley Barker on Oct 20 2021 11:27pm Reply

Stop button not working, I cannot turn off the line

If the application is not on the Windows Task Bar then it will be found in the Windows Tray. Please try to find the application in the Windows Tray if it is not found on the Window Task Bar.

If you do not know where the Windows Tray is, please go here:

The application can only be found in those two places: either the Windows Task Bar or the Windows Tray. However if for some unknown reason you cannot find it in either of these two places then it will definitely show up in Task Manager but that only allows you to stop the application from running.

I would suggest you restart your computer, then make sure you have started the Line Reader application only once and then click on the Start/Stop buttons and see if they work.

Also, please notice this forum post:
which is about how to start/stop the line using a key combination no matter which application is active.
by Constantin Florea on Oct 21 2021 10:35am Reply

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