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Screen Calipers iconThe accurate way to measure on a screen, at any angle in pixels, inches or any unit.

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Feature request + a question

First of all I want to thank you for making a small program that is 100% useful.
Meaning, no extra weight in useless functions that none use.

I make plans and blueprints of things every now and then, and screen calipers
has helped me alot when extracting measurments from a photos etc.
However, I need to carry installfiles for the program with me on my usb stick and
install it with my registration data, everywhere I want to use it. So far I have been
able to remember to uninstall when I am done, if I was using a computer that
was not my own. But sometime I may forget to uninstall and it someone may
steal my registered copy of the program.

First feature request.
Is there any chanse that future versions of screen calipers (and the other screen
tools also) can be installed stand alone on a portable device such as an USB stick?
That would help a lot when doing measuring outside my home and my computer.

The second feature request is about program interaction.
From the calipers menu you can start the magnifier program. The thing is...
The caliper doesn't show in the magnifier window. It would also be really nice
if I were able to "dock" the magnifier ontop of the caliper and it would stay there
and follow when I move the caliper around on the desktop.

I work as a machinist at a mechanical workshop. Among the "real" (read physical)
mearuring tools I use there, some have magnifyinglenses mounted so it will be
easier to read the scale. It would be really convenient if the screen magnifyer would
dock on the other screen tools like that. I hope I managed to explain what I wanted
to say here.

And the question.
Does the offer still stand about getting one registrated copy for free by making an
uniformly themed skin suite for all three screen tools? I remember reading about it
on the site a while back. Then I got to work on a caliper skin based on the ones I
use at work. When I got back to the site to verify, I couldn't find it.
screen tool
by Tony Lindberg on Nov 22 2009 12:28pm Reply

Feature request + a question

Hi Tony,

Thanks so much for the detailled post, we appricaite it!

If you want to use the Calieprs on a USB drive the easiest way is to just copy the folder from under /Program Files to your USB drive. You'll need to register it on each cimputer, but it'll work correctly.

I like your idea about dockig the Magnifier, but currently it's a seperate .exe so we would have to build it in. Nice idea though!

We were running that offer for a while, and we would be happy to extend it to anyone again who makes all 3 skins.
by Nico Westerdale on Nov 23 2009 5:20pm Reply

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