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Screen Calipers iconThe accurate way to measure on a screen, at any angle in pixels, inches or any unit.

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features request

m now using the free trial version 3.3 of Screen Calipers.
it is a nice looking and helpfull tool.

few suggestions:
- a ZOOM option is a must for this!! in higher res it is difficult to position it "on-the-pixel". i tried magnifying with ColorPic and Magnifier but the Clipers are not seen there!! and also - why use 2 programs for this operation?
the Calipers must have a zoom option in them.

- it is not so intuitive setting a measure to the Calipers.
if i want to make the Calipers 67px i need to go to a sub-sub menu. it is best that the measure shown on the Calipers could be edited (say double click on it).

i m considering buying the full version but it still need to be developed.
by selasi on May 25 2006 1:02am Reply

features request

- i suppose u can show the angle when rotated?! i kown u have a different tool for this, but again - why use 3 programs?

- the Logger is very cool !!

tnx again
by selasi on May 25 2006 1:11am Reply

features request

We've taken the approach from real toolboxes in that you should have specific tools for the job. A swiss-army knife may be handy, but each individual tool is never as good as it's singular counterpart.

We could show a lot more on the Calipers, but that would lead to a large, clunky application that would be hard to use for measuring.

I'm glad that you like the Logger.
by Nico Westerdale on May 25 2006 8:55am Reply

features request

another also:
- more then one instance of the Calipers can be opened, this can be annoying - an option for "only one instance allowed" is a must.

by selasi on May 25 2006 1:15am Reply

features request

Many of our users want to have more than one instance open at the same time, I don't especially want to crowd the user interface with another option that isn't especially useful. If you only want one instance then just open one instance.
by Nico Westerdale on May 25 2006 6:40am Reply

features request

Thanks for the suggestions, we'll certainly bear them in mind for the next version, several of them have been raised before, including the zoom.

If you want to set the Calipers to a specific measurement you can just type and press 'Enter'.
by Nico Westerdale on May 25 2006 6:38am Reply

features request

oh... i miseed that one
by selasi on May 27 2006 10:54pm Reply

features request

You'll be happy to know that we've found a solution to the problem of the Calipers not showing up in the Magnifier windows. If you download the latest ColorPic or Magnifier applications then you'll find that the Calipers, Protractor and Compass now do show up in the Magnifier windows.
I'd recommend using the Magnifier for small adjustments.
by Nico Westerdale on Aug 3 2006 12:44pm Reply

features request

Thanks for this, this is the exact reason why I'm here now to suggest that Calipers have a Loupe or some way to zoom in on the edges so it can be placed with pixel perfection. (And also the fact that magnifier and color pic didn't see Calipers at all!)

I'll download the latest magnifier and colorpic versions now.

Also it would be nice if there was an "About..." in the Control menus of ColorPic and Magnifier so you can easily see what version you're running...

by William Bell on Oct 3 2006 7:44am Reply

features request

Thanks Will, we're going to be placing a link to the Magnifier in the Calipers menu on the next version. That should help!
by Nico Westerdale on Oct 3 2006 9:18am Reply

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