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Registry editor/cleaner

How about a registry editor/cleaner? You could do an awesome job on that, Nico!
by Tag on Jul 7 2006 5:31pm Reply

Registry editor/cleaner

That's a good idea Tag, I'll add it to the list (which is pretty long at the moment). We're nearing the end of development for our next application called Screen Tracing Paper, hopefully released in August as I'm out most of July. That should be an interesting one.
by Nico Westerdale on Jul 7 2006 11:36pm Reply

Registry editor/cleaner

Screen tracing paper? Oh boy, that one sounds exciting! I assume it'll be a graphics app of some kind? Freestanding or like a plug-in for Photoshop? (If the latter, can you make it compatible with Paint Shop Pro, too?) Ohhhh, I want to hear more! Need beta testers? LOL!!

Actually, it was one of your personal art projects that first brought me to your site several years ago, and your great software (and artwork) that keeps bringing me back.

If you do decide to make a registry editor, would you bring it down to dummy level? I'm always so scared to go into my registry for fear I'll do something truly disastrous.
by Tag on Jul 8 2006 8:50am Reply

Registry editor/cleaner

You'll have to wait on the Screen Tracing Paper for now, but people who are on our monthly newsletter will all be getting a sneak peak.

Here's the sign up:

It will be a stand alone application and the first version will be more focused more on measurement than graphics, but we have lots of future plans.

I'm glad you keep comming back for more Tag!
by Nico Westerdale on Jul 8 2006 8:55am Reply

Registry editor/cleaner

Yup - been a subscriber from day one, I think. :D

Looking forward to that sneak peek!
by on Jul 13 2006 7:36am Reply

Registry editor/cleaner

FYI: Screen Tracing Paper is now ready:

by Nico Westerdale on Aug 17 2006 11:46am Reply

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