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easyread and windows 95

is there a Windows 95 compatable version available please ?
by Willi Schaefer on Jul 14 2006 9:30am Reply

easyread and windows 95

Thanks for the message. We don't actually support Windows 95 any more on our products, I hear that Microsoft has dropped support for Win95. however that does not mean that Easy Read will not work on Win 95, in fact it most probably will. If you'd like to download and try it out then please do. If you could post your findings I'd appricate it.
by Nico Westerdale on Jul 14 2006 2:08pm Reply

easyread and windows 95

Thanks for the reply, we'll give it a go and let you know.

The product installs ok on Win XP but my son uses Mozilla (Version 1.7.3) so is there any way to use EasyRead with Mozilla ?
by Willi Schaefer on Jul 20 2006 3:18am Reply

easyread and windows 95

Unfortunatly Firefox/Mozilla simply does not support the technology, I'd love to help, but the browser cannot magnify the page in the same way Intenet Explorer can. You wouldn't believe the number of requests I get for this!
by Nico Westerdale on Jul 24 2006 2:25pm Reply

easyread and windows 95

Nobody confirmed if Easy Read works on Windows 95.
Well, I installed it yesterday on Win 95B (OSR2) and it works perfectly.
So the author might want to change the system requirements and add 95/98/ME or just Win All, from 95 to Vista (I guess)
thank you!
by Marzio Santi on Jul 13 2007 7:32am Reply

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