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Screen Calipers iconThe accurate way to measure on a screen, at any angle in pixels, inches or any unit.

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Arhcitectural Use

I really like the interface of this application however, what I would use it for is measuring architectural and engineering drawings. There are 2 feature requests that would I would need to have in order for this to be useful to me.

1. Feet and Inches units. I realize you have inches but feet and inches would be a great help.

2. Set Scale From Two Points. Most architectural and engineering drawings are sent to me in either PDF or Tiff format. I can open these up and locate somewhere on the drawing where they have already dimensioned something. I would like to be able to pick between the two points they have dimensioned and simply input what there dimension is. This would set a scale factor so I could then pick on any other two points and get a fairly accurate measurement based on that scale factor.
by Brent Stringer on Jul 25 2006 11:53am Reply

Arhcitectural Use


Thanks for the message. I know a lot of our customers use the Calipers for CAD and engineering work and have found the very useful.

To answer your questions, the Calieprs can be calibrated to measure in feet quite easily. We acually have an animated demo of how to do this on the following page:

See tip 5 at the bottom, and I think that this should give you all the information you need. If not then please reply and I'll be happy to give you more detials.
by Nico Westerdale on Jul 25 2006 12:05pm Reply

Arhcitectural Use


You might be interested to know that version 4.0 of the Calipers now comes with a plug-in for Adobe Acrobat so that you cen easily measure PDFs. Once calibrated the Calipers keeps the same measurement while you zoom in and out with Acrobat.
by Nico Westerdale on Nov 13 2006 7:01pm Reply

Arhcitectural Use

That sounds cool, I will keep my eyes out for that.
by Brent Stringer on Nov 14 2006 11:07am Reply

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