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Window Nudger

You probably have a list as long as your arm of projects and ideas, but here's one that I think you'd find good:

The Window Nudger - Adds the nudging abilities akin to those found in the Calipers:

Using a hotkey style commend (ie, CTRL+SHIFT+N) the Nuger would show itself and take control of the last focussed window like so:

UP DOWN LEFT RIGHT - Singel pixel movement
CTRL + (UP DOWN LEFT RIGHT) - 10 pixel movement
SHIFT + (UP DOWN LEFT RIGHT) - Resize, probably just from the bottom right of the window

Then another CTRL+SHIFT+N would minimise the app back to the tray to listen out for more commands.

And if you wanted to add some sexy graphics (like all your other apps) you could 'latch' it onto the corner(s) of the window (obviously they'd really just float obove them)

Good idea? Bad idea? Already an idea?
by David King on Aug 15 2006 4:25am Reply

Window Nudger

That's an interesting idea, and something I havn't seen before. You're right that we do have a long list of projects comming up, and a release of our new Screen Tracing Paper hopefully at the end of this week.

I'll keep it in the back of my mind and if I see an easy way to do it I might put together a version.

by Nico Westerdale on Aug 15 2006 7:56am Reply

Window Nudger

Yeah, I thought it was pretty original myself. I was having a really good hunt for something similar and found nothing, then I realised that you chap(s?) have the calipers and thought "If anyone could do it right it'd be iconico!"

I've had a fiddle around with .net, C++ etc, but TBH, even if I did develop it myself, it'd be a wasted effort as few people would find it!

Cant say I'm really 'up' on how it would be done (I'm primarily a PHP guy) but I think you can send move/resize commands to other windows. Well, I'm on the the mailing list so I'll keep my ear to the ground for its release*!

*Call me an optimist ;)
by David King on Aug 16 2006 3:47am Reply

Window Nudger

Certainly seems like an interesting one David. It's going to need some low level playing around with the Windows API, I'm not sure if it's even possible at this point, but maybe, maybe.

All the best!
by Nico Westerdale on Aug 16 2006 8:28am Reply

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