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Transparent blueprint software for your computer screen that allows you to trace and measure over any application.

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50% off Screen Tracing Paper in August '06

As Screen Tracing Paper is a new piece of software we want to know what you think about it. In the month of August everyone who posts in our Screen Tracing Paper Online Forum will receive a 50% money off coupon. We also offer free upgrades to future versions.

To get started download the trial, evaluate the software, then post your comments in this forum and you will receive 50% the sales price when you purchase.

We're looking for the following feedback:

- How easy was the software to use?
- Are there any new features that should be incorporated into the software?
- What tasks will you use the software for?
- Do you have any suggestions for improvements?
by Nico Westerdale on Aug 17 2006 9:24am Reply

50% off Screen Tracing Paper in August '06

I like it! I have been doing some landscaping and think it will be helpful in calculating pricing for different treatments, e.g., pavers, mulch,etc., My first impression is that it will be a useful tool and "grow" on me. Thanks alot!
by harry wells on Aug 17 2006 8:55pm Reply

50% off Screen Tracing Paper in August '06

That's a great use for the software, something I would never of thought of.
Thank you very "mulch"!
by Nico Westerdale on Aug 17 2006 9:35pm Reply

50% off Screen Tracing Paper in August '06

All of your screen measuring tools are terrifc, including this new one. It's intuitive and therefore very easy to use. I'll be using Screen Tracing Paper to trace photos and objects within photos, and will, no doubt, find other items that need tracing. Seems like it would be useful to be able to copy and save just the traced section; however, the workaround for that is to save the trace, then open it in a photo-editing program such as Corel Photo Paint and then cut out just the traced portion and save it. I also tried tracing with my Wacom Intuos3 pen; the pen traced just fine, but I couldn't turn off a trace with the pen (that's okay, used the mouse). Can't think of anything else at the moment. Thanks for another excellent tool.
by Suzy Raymer on Aug 25 2006 12:48pm Reply

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