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NEW Version 3.4 Released for PC

We're happy to announce version 3.4 of the Screen Protractor for Windows has been released. We've added greatly to the flexibility of the Protractor's units with a new unit configuration screen and options. The changes in this version are as follows:

1. New Configuration Screen showing all premade units and the facility to create unlimited new units.
2. Ability to edit the display format of custom and premade units by double-clicking in the 'Unit Format' cell.
3. Fraction Unit Format now supported, with ability to choose any denominator, and either 1 or PI as a numerator. Radians and Revolutions premade units have fractions chosen by default.
4. Unit Padding supported, and the introduction of a new 'Bearing' premade unit.
5. Negative Angles unit format now supported.
6. Improved 'Sticky Angles' algorithm, and stickiness at every 15 degrees.
7. On 'Discus' skin the second angle handle now sports a graphical dot.
8. Right click menu display speed increased.
9. Errors in copying and pasting a decimal fixed.
10. Protractor button removed from taskbar when minimized.
11. 'Set Zero Angle' now includes a checkmark when set. Choosing it a second time removes checkmark.
12. 'Link Angles' functionality improved so that 'Sticky Angles' do not change the angle when rotating.
13. Double-click moves the handles from vertical to horizontal.
14. Typed values wiped by any mouse movement.
15. Typing of decimal angle now supported.

As always we welcome your feedback on the new version.
by Nico Westerdale on Aug 29 2006 11:08am Reply

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