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Follow Cursor Option


Thank you for the very useful tool. The option of the magnifier being able to see and Magnify what's under it is really unique.

Would you consider adding a "Follow Cursor" option that can be Enabled/Disabled so that the Magnifier wouldn't always follow the mouse?

Thanks again.
by Billy Shaker on Sep 18 2006 10:18am Reply

Follow Cursor Option

That's a great idea for a future update, we'll add it to the list.

by Nico Westerdale on Sep 18 2006 10:39am Reply

Follow Cursor Option

We've just released version 2.3, which is available for download from here:

We've added a 'Follow Mouse' option which should suit your needs.
by Nico Westerdale on Dec 20 2006 12:01pm Reply

Follow Cursor Option

Would be great if you could easily toggle b/w follow mouse and follow cursor. When typing an email/doc your mouse sits still, but the curser moves.

Just a thought. You could have an option that is follow mouse if it moves, but when it's still, follow cursor. Basically you are either using one or the other.
by John Jacobson on Jun 22 2007 8:15pm Reply

Follow Cursor Option

Unfortunatly I think it's one of those things that are not available from outside the application so I don't know of any way to get the position.
by Nico Westerdale on Jun 23 2007 6:56am Reply

Follow Cursor Option

I also emailed a request. The Hi Lite Option puts a tiny orange dot to indicate the mouse position. Any change you changing it to a mouse pointer! It's really too small to see when your vision is not good, which is why I'm using the software.

Also, Got a funny error when I restarted after hibernating having left Magnifier running.

FWIW this is a great tool. My vision problem is temporary due to medication, and glasses can't help me, and I'm an IT professional, so it's nice to be able to read small print easily without having to stuff around with all my settings.

by John Jacobson on Jun 23 2007 12:01pm Reply

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